Concert A FAQs

St Anthony’s Concert (A) – INFORMATION & FAQs


Your child/children are performing in Concert A only – here are the answers to your questions!


How many sessions of the Concert are there? 

  1. There are 3 sessions of the concert – 1 session during school hours and 2 sessions after school hours. The 3 sessions are all the same. The reason we have 3 sessions is to give families a number of opportunities to see their children perform and also because of the limited capacity of our gymnasium (700 seats only)
  2. Students will perform a song and dance routine with their class
  3. Students will perform the same routine in each of the 3 sessions so it doesn’t matter which session you choose to attend – the Concert Program is included below

When are the sessions?

  1. Session 1: Tuesday 12th September at 10.00am – Free Matinee – this is a good opportunity to see your children perform during school hours and it’s free!
  2. Session 2: Wednesday 13th September at 3.30pm – $10 per ticket (no child discounts, infants under 2 who are sitting on your lap will not require a ticket)
  3. Session 3: Wednesday 13th September at 6.30pm – $10 per ticket (no child discounts, infants under 2 who are sitting on your lap will not require a ticket)

Where are the Concerts being held?

  1. In the new gymnasium

Which sessions should we go to?

  1. You decide which session(s) work best for you and your family (grandparents, extended family and friends are welcome and can be included in your booking)

Can we go to more than one session?

  1. Yes – but the number of tickets is limited per family

I am going to the 3.30pm session – when should I arrive?

  1. Due to the congestion of traffic in the afternoon please arrive by 3.00pm ready to line up and be seated to ensure the concert commences on time at 3.30pm (please have your tickets ready)
  2. Entry will be via the Parish car park. Seating is first come, first served
  3. Please be mindful that students from Concert (B) will be collected as per normal at 3.20pm and that car parking may be limited close by

I am going to the 6.30pm session – when should I arrive?

  1. In order to allow time for the 3.30pm session attendees to leave (at 5.30pm), please arrive at 6.00pm ready to line up and be seated to ensure the concert commences on time at 6.30pm (please have your tickets ready)
  2. Entry will be via the Parish car park. Seating is first come, first served

How many tickets can we buy?

  1. You can buy up to 12 tickets to Session 1 (Tuesday Matinee)
  2. You can buy up to 6 tickets to Session 2 and/or Session 3 (for example: you could buy up to 6 tickets to one of the sessions or, if not everyone can attend at the same time, you could perhaps buy 4 tickets to the 3.30pm session and 2 tickets to the 6.30pm session, just so long as the total tickets purchased does not exceed 6)
  3. An extra 6 tickets per family were allocated on 7th September

How do we get tickets?

  1. Tickets are being sold on the Eventbrite ticket website
  2. You need a link and a personalised code to access your tickets
  3. Your link and code were sent to you in a personalised email from the school office on Wednesday 16th AugustPlease Note: these emails were not sent in Operoo. You need to check your Inbox (and Spam or Junk) to find your email.
  4. A further email was sent on Thursday 7th September with the code for extra tickets
  5. Decide which session or sessions of the concert you wish to attend and then follow the instructions and links in the email to buy your tickets on Eventbrite

What if I can’t find my ticket email?

  1. We will be having an ‘in-person help session’ for families this coming Thursday 24th August from 3.00pm in the new gymnasium – come along and we can help you book your tickets
  2. Otherwise, please contact the school office for help (your email can be re-sent if need be)

What if we want more tickets than the standard allocation?

  1. Tickets are currently on sale until Wednesday 6th September
  2. After this date we will evaluate our ticket sales and if there is enough capacity we will open up ticket sales so that families can get more tickets if they wish
  3. Extra tickets have been allocated from Thursday 7th September – check your emails

What are the supervision arrangements on Wednesday 13th September?

  1. Students performing in Concert (A) have the option of arriving at school at 2.00pm on Wednesday (because they will be at school until 8.30pm).  If you are unable to accommodate this, please send your child to school as normal.  Please note, there is no pick up required on this day at 3.20pm
  2. From 3.20pm, students will remain in their classrooms under the supervision of their class teacher
  3. Students will move to the gymnasium at the appropriate time to perform their routine
  4. Students will then return to their classrooms with their teacher
  5. At 5.30pm students will have their dinner in their classroom – this can be provided from home or there will be the opportunity to order a meal for your children through Baker’s Delight – further details will be sent on Operoo and order forms will be sent home later this week
  6. Students will then perform again at the appropriate time slot in the 6.30pm session and return to their classrooms
  7. Students are to be signed out of their classroom and taken home at 8.30pm
  8. If you require for your child to be collected earlier than 8.30pm, please contact your classroom teacher.  It is important to ensure that the audience remains seated throughout the entire concert

What do the children need to bring on Concert Days (Tuesday 12th and Wednesday 13th)

  1. Normal food (snack, lunch, drink bottle)
  2. Come to school dressed in school uniform
  3. If not ordering from Baker’s Delight then send extra food for the evening meal on Wednesday. We do not have the facilities to heat up food
  4. Costumes will already be organised and stored at school so there is no need to send anything extra on the day

Can I record the concert?

  1. No photography or videography is allowed due to our Child Safety Standards
  2. Professional recording of the concerts will be available to purchase. Further information will come through on Operoo closer to the concert date

And just a reminder that there is NO SCHOOL for all children on Friday 15th September.

If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact the Office.

Concert A

Free Matinee: Tuesday 12th September at 10.00am-12.00 pm
Wednesday 13th September 3.30pm-5.30pm and 6.30pm-8.30pm.

Choir – Matilda
FLC and FGT – Shrek
1BS and 1AK – Lion King
2EB and 2TH – Seussical
3KB and 3LW – Beauty and The Beast
4JP and 4AK and 4JN – Mary Poppins
5LS and 5LP – Oliver
6EC and 6PM – Greatest Showman

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