Coloured Sports Day

St Anthony’s Coloured Sports Day

Yesterday the children finally got to experience the fun and excitement of our annual Coloured Sports Day COVID style.

The children, and teachers arrived at school displaying their team colours proudly. They participated in tabloid events, sprint races and relays to gain ribbons for themselves and earn points for their House team.

The Juniors were especially excited, as this was their first Coloured Sports Day. There were lots of smiles and fun. When the Middles and Seniors began their events, they too expressed a great deal of excitement, with lots of anticipation, especially for the Year 6 students, as this was their last time.

All events were keenly contested and in the end all 4 teams were close in total points won.

The final scores produced a close victory for RED team (624 points), followed by YELLOW (610 points), BLUE (604 points) and GREEN (580 points).

Congratulations to RED team. Lado and Nathan proudly received the shield on behalf of their team and thanked everyone for their efforts.

The much anticipated relay between the Year 6 girls, boys and teachers was also run and won narrowly by the teachers. Hopefully next year we will be able to have parents and family involved again.

The Year 6 Gifts for girls and boys were run and won. Congratulations to Nyadiet who defeated Harper, Tahlia and Agwick in the girls final and Jason who defeated Alex, Jaiden and Ring in the boys final.

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