Cafe Update

Week 5 Update

This term our Year 4 students are involved with CAFE. They prepare, cook and serve food and drinks to customers on Monday for lunch.

Read through the experiences from some of our students on Monday.

I was a waitress on Monday and I served the students from Year 2 Hodges. I served sausage rolls, nachos, truffles and cheesecake.


On Monday some of the Year 6 students assisted us in preparing the food for CAFE.


I was a cashier on Monday and my job was to put the $2 in the jar.


I was a server for CAFE on Monday. I enjoyed cooking the nachos.


I really enjoyed the Year 6 students assisting us with the cooking at CAFE.


I made a chocolate truffle with shredded coconut on it. We had a recipe to help us work. It was messy, but at the end it was fun.


I really enjoyed the part where we got to serve everyone, because I got to experience the way everyone prepares and serves the food and how hard it is to work. Now I am starting to understand how hard adults and parents around the world have to work.


I really enjoyed making the coffee for the parents, because I learnt to make drinks instead of just food. I’m happy I got the opportunity and I really ended up enjoying that it was messy, but I still had a blast!


My role in CAFE was a server. I had to give the waitresses food and it was fun, but a bit hard taking every order in a certain amount of time.


My role in CAFE was a waitress. Taking people’s orders was fun and kind of hard. People asked for all different sorts of things. It was a great experience to be able to cook in the CAFE at school. It was really fun.


My role was a waiter in CAFE. It was great fun taking people’s orders. Also it was a pleasure to be meeting so many nice people and working with a great team.


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