Cafe Update

Week 4 Update

This term our Year 4 students are involved with CAFE. They prepare, cook and serve food and drinks to customers on Monday for lunch.

Read through the experiences from some of our students on Monday.

I enjoyed asking guests what hot drinks they wanted.


I liked putting the biscuit dough into the icing sugar.


I liked cutting the pumpkin.


I liked being the barista because I could talk to people.


I enjoyed the cooking because I got to add the ingredients and stir the pasta sauce.


I enjoyed serving because I got to put the food on the plates and take it to people. I also enjoyed trying the food at the end.


I enjoyed the part when we got to eat the food. I liked the chocolate biscuits.


I enjoyed cooking the chocolate fudge biscuits because I had to add the ingredients, stir and roll the mixture into balls.


I made lemon cake. In my group we each got to crack eggs and mix the mixture.


I had to greet guests when they arrived, collect money and ask them to sign in.


I was a server and I had to put the pumpkin soup and spaghetti in the bowls for the waiters.


I was a server, I had to give the food to the waiters for them to give to the customer.


I was a waitress so I asked the guests what they wanted to eat and then I served it to them.


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