CAFE Update

Week 2 Update – 3 Rabica

This term our Year 4 students are involved with CAFE. They prepare, cook and serve food and drinks to customers on Monday for lunch.

Read through the experiences from some of our students on Monday.

My role in CAFE was to be a waiter and cut food. The food I cut was potato and pumpkin.


My role for CAFE was a waiter. I go to serve my sister and my mum. I go to walk up and grab the food and give it to the people on the table.


I enjoyed making the dough for the biscuits, because it was fun mixing the dough and working with my team.


I was the waiter for CAFE and I got to serve teachers and students. I also took orders and when they were done, I put the dishes away in the sink.


In CAFE I made lemon cake and how we made it was: First we mixed the butter and caster sugar. Then we added 4 eggs, one-by-one, into the electric mixer, with the caster sugar, butter and the flour…….. Then we were done!


I enjoyed making coffee and giving it to the people, because they get to have it with their food.


When I was at CAFE I made penne bolognese and we made it with onions, bolognese sauce, garlic, and more.


The part that I enjoyed the most was making the lemon cake because it was really fun working with my team.


I was the cash person. It was amazing. We got a lot of money. I was so tired from all the hard work we did.


The Year 6 students were nice ad helped us a lot with CAFE. They were helping us cook.


My favourite was part was when I was the server, because I got to get the food, like pumpkin soup and give it to the person who ordered it.


My role was being a waitress.


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