Cafe Update

Week 8 Update

This term our Year 4 students are involved with CAFE. They prepare, cook and serve food and drinks to customers on Monday for lunch.

Read through the experiences from some of our students on Monday.

I enjoyed learning how to cook something new.


I made bolognese. I made it with onions, garlic, beef, beef stock, penne pasta, tomato sauce and cheese.


I enjoyed making the biscuits, because we all got to have a turn.


I was making pumpkin soup and there was lemon cake, brownie cookies and spaghetti bolognese. So with pumpkin soup we chopped pumpkin, onions and potato and then mixed it up and added blocks of chicken.


I was making chocolate brownies and my role was the server. I really enjoyed it.


I enjoyed giving people food and taking their order. It was so much fun.


I was a server for CAFE. I got the pasta ready and really enjoyed it.


I enjoyed learning how to make something new.


I liked cooking and serving people and taking orders.


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