Cafe Update

Week 7 Update

This term our Year 4 students are involved with CAFE. They prepare, cook and serve food and drinks to customers on Monday for lunch.

Read through the experiences from some of our students on Monday.

My role was in the kitchen and I had to put the truffles into a paper patty pan. I then had to deliver them to the people who ordered them.


I enjoyed making the sausage rolls, because I liked how I mixed all the ingredients together and liked the taste of the sausage rolls.


What I enjoyed most about CAFE was serving other people. I also enjoyed when I made the truffles and seeing that others enjoyed them too.


I enjoyed serving people because it was cool and fun. I got to make coffee and tea.


I made sausage rolls and I made them with two other people. First we cut 4 onions. Second we squashed some meat out of the packet. After we added 4 spoons of sauce. Then we cracked the 4 eggs and we had turns with mixing. Before we rolled the meat on the dough, we turned the oven onto 200 degrees.


In the CAFE my role was in the kitchen. I gave the food to the waiters. I did the sour and cream or chilli sauce for the nachos. It was fun to do, but it can be hard sometimes, but it was good in the CAFE.


I made sausage rolls. I made it by using sausage mince, eggs, milk, dough and the materials I used were measuring cups.


For CAFE I made sausage rolls by using eggs, pastry puff, milk and sausage mince. We used measuring cups, bowls and spoons.


I was a waitress for CAFE. I had to serve people and ask them what they wanted for their meal. After they were done I would collect their left overs and rubbish.


I made truffle. I made it by crushing the cookies into dust. Then we added condensed milk. Then we stirred it together, but the Year 6 student said it didn’t look right, so we added some more crushed biscuits. Then it looked right. So we grabbed the dough and made it into a ball. Then we added the coconut to it, by sprinkling it on.


My role in CAFE was being a waitress and serving people’s food and getting other people's orders.


I was a waiter and I served the people and kids. It was amazing, I got to give the food to the teachers.


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