CAFE is back!

The St A’s Cafe in now open!

Last week was our first Cafe session back since before Covid, it was fabulous to see the Year 4 students preparing food, cooking, taking orders and serving food. Our fantastic Learning Support Staff were the first to dine in the Café as a thank you for all of the hard work they do for our students.

Moving forward, each week a different class will be invited to attend the St Anthony’s Cafe in Padua Hall to enjoy a yummy meal made fresh by our Year 4 student’s and with the help of our Year 6 Cafe Leaders. This means that at some stage throughout the year, your child will be tasting delicious food with their class. Best of all, you or a special friend will also be invited to attend the Cafe when it’s your child’s turn to dine in, so please keep an eye out on Operoo for your time.

The Cafe is a non for profit experience, however, we do ask that both the students and parents visiting please make a $2 donation to help cover the cost of ingredients. Tea, Coffee and Hot Chocolate will also be available to purchase for $2 each but please note that hot drinks will be on offer for adults only.

The St A’s Cafe will take place each Monday from 1pm to 1.45pm in the Padua Hall. If you are visiting, please make sure you are ready to be seated at 1pm as we will need to close by 1.45pm to ensure all children get to have their lunch break. Please enter through the church Car Park and sign in at the glass double doors. 

We look forward to seeing your child and possibly yourself or special friend soon.

Cafe Visiting Schedule for Term 2 only

Week 6 30th May Yr 2 Byala
Week 7 6th June Yr 2 Cefai/Byron
Week 8 13 June Public Holiday
Week 9 20 June Yr 2 Calleja
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