Art Showcase

Wednesday the 12th of October from 4pm-6pm.

We are very excited about our upcoming Arts Showcase in Term 4, celebrating the talents of our students in the areas of Visual and Performing Arts.

The Showcase will be in Week 2 of next Term on Wednesday the 12th of October from 4pm-6pm. Families will be invited to come and view students’ artwork in the Padua Hall as well as enjoy a program of musical and dance performances from a variety of students across all year levels in our new hall.

As well as showcasing some of our learning from Performing Arts we will also be inviting students to audition for the showcase. This is an opportunity for students at St. Anthony’s who have a talent in performing music, dance, singing and drama to share their talents with our school community. These auditions will be held in Week 9 on Tuesday 6th of September at recess in the Padua Hall.

Students who are successful in their audition will then have the opportunity to perform at the Arts Showcase. We look forward to coming together as a school community and celebrating our students’ talents in The Arts.

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