Art Exhibition

Catholic Education Week 2023


Every year during Catholic Education Week the MACS Creative Arts Exhibition is held at the Catholic Leadership Centre in East Melbourne.

We are very excited to announce that in 2023 we have 42 students who have had their work selected to have their art work displayed in the exhibition. Details about the exhibition will be sent to us early in 2023.

Congratulations to the following students…

6 Lafranchi –  Niyumi, Taranveer, Gurnoor & Steven

6 Conroy – Olivia & Lucas V

5 Parente –  Charlotte

2 Hodge – Alex, Harleen, Dhuol, Nathan & Ava

2 Cefai/Byron – Hunter

2 Byala – Logan, Angelina & Jovan

1 Gray – Georgia, Harlow, Goap, Nyidhieu & Dawt

1 Kyriakakis – Pia

1 Bairstow – Janine, Vincent & Paige

Foundation Notaro – Alannah, Norah, Manny, Rebecca & Mia.

Foundation Topcuoglu – Makuei, Anureet, Dhanyaasri, Jeevika, Alexa, Rhythm, Liam, Joshua & Jonses

Foundation Porritt – Krystal & Gurtaj

During the holidays we will be arranging to have the student’s work framed and mounted ready to be displayed in the exhibition. We are looking forward to seeing how amazing the work will look!

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