App Spotlight – Instagram

Updates to Instagram

Meta [Instagram] is taking steps to help teens and their parents/guardians to co-regulate on the platform.

New supervision tools allow teens to invite their parents (or parents can request to supervise) their account.

There is a lot for young people to learn as they navigate social media, so we see this could be a positive tool for families.

The supervision tools allow parents to help manage their teen’s time on the app, better visibility of who their teen follows or following them. It also allows teens to alert parents that they have reported and issue such a cyber bully.

This connection may be the happy medium between teens maintaining privacy whilst parents feeling confident they have measures to support their young people.

Remember… NOTHING replaces positive, transparent, regular and ongoing conversations about living with technology.

Our young people need to feel safe to talk to us [adults/parents/teachers] if things are going wrong. The simply will not turn to a parent if they are worried they will get into trouble or their device removed.

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