3 Way Conversations

Student, Parent, Teacher

3 Way Conversations (student, parent, teacher).  are back for Foundation to Year 6. In place of the traditional parent teacher interviews, your child will lead this conference to reflect on their progress, show you their work, and receive feedback. You, your child, your child’s teacher, and any other adult your student or the teacher would like to invite, will participate in the conversation.

3 Way Conversations will be held on 

  • Wednesday 15th November from 1:45pm to 7:30pm and 
  • Monday 20th November from 4:45pm to 7:00pm. 

These interviews will run for 15 minutes and will be held in person here at the school. 

Please note that student finish at 1.00pm on Wednesday 15th November.

Use the booking code rbae3. Enter your details, select your child’s teacher and choose a booking time that works for you.

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