Inquiry in Foundation

“What is it made of and why?”

In Foundation, students were tuning into their Inquiry Big Question: “What is it made of and why?”. This term Foundation students are learning about the properties of different materials as part of Chemical Sciences. They listened to a story about Little Red Riding Hood, but there was a storm and Little Red Riding Hood got wet because she wasn’t wearing a coat.

Foundation students knew they had to help Little Red Riding Hood so they used different materials to find out which material is best to make a rain coat for Little Red Riding Hood. They tested the different materials by dressing toys in the materials and sprayed water on them.

Some of the materials had holes in them and the toys got wet. If the toys got wet students had to try a different material. Some of the materials kept the toys dry and Foundation found out that those materials are called waterproof. 

Students found out that plastic was the best material to keep Little Red Riding Hood dry because it was waterproof. Foundation had a great time learning about materials and tuning into their Inquiry topic.

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