General Information - Canteen Price List

Our school canteen is open on a daily basis for students to order their lunch from.

Orders must be clearly written on a large paper bag in pen with the child's name and class (eg; MJM), the total of the order, the amount enclosed and the change required.   If you place all money in ONE child's bag please write on sibling bags where money is located (eg. Money with John in SPL).

Cutlery is included with Macaroni and Cheese, Lasagne, Fried Rice and Salad Plates.   If you require a fork or spoon for anything else please enclose an extra 10c to your total.

Salad items consist of the following ingredients: lettuce, carrot, cucumber, tomato, cheese slice and beetroot. The removal of 3 or more of these items from a salad will deduct 20c off your total.

Envelopes may be used but please add an extra 10c for a paper bag to be supplied.  

Secure money in the bag (foil or plastic wrap work well) change will be stapled to the inside of the lunch bag in a small white paper bag with the child's name, class and amount enclosed. We DO NOT re-heat food brought from home.