About Us - Mission Statement

Catholic Values

The Religious Education Policy, Prayer and Sacramentality Statements will enable us to…

• provide opportunities for the community to celebrate our faith

• offer the opportunity to participate in the sacramental program

• teach Religious Education in accordance with the Guidelines of the Archdiocese of Melbourne

• allow Gospel values to permeate our teaching practices and interactions

• be respectful of all religious backgrounds

• assist all in their continuing faith journey

Community and Relationships

Through the integration of our Productive Relationships and Welfare Policies, we will…

• create a sense of belonging

• recognise and celebrate contributions

• recognise parents’ involvement in school

• provide a welcome for all

• attempt to get to know all personally

• ensure all students are treated with respect

• value collaborative and creative leadership across the school

• meet families in a climate of trust and cooperation


Under the guidance and integration of policies encompassing Welfare, Gender Equity, Asian and Aboriginal Perspectives, it is our mission to…

• build an appreciation for the richness of multiculturalism

• ensure there is support for families experiencing financial difficulties

• value gender equity

• develop a respect for all cultures

• encourage compassion and empathy for others

• provide for equal opportunity

• be open to varying points of view

Educational Aspects

Our Learning, Teaching & Assessment Policies will enable us to…

• cater for individual needs and learning styles

• provide an environment which is safe and welcoming

• create a stimulating learning environment

• provide resources appropriate to our learning goals

• continue to develop and update physical resources

• be open to current initiatives in Education and investigate/instigate change when necessary in order to achieve our Learning Goals

• ensure change is embraced as a whole

• have an up to date and relevant Learning & Teaching statement

• provide broad learning experiences

• acknowledge and celebrate success at all levels – encourage active learning

• continually assess all aspects of education

Live and Learn in Christ